Model # RM9C | Roommate

Bed | Platform Deck

  • For more than 40 years the Roommate collection has been the established standard for commercial and contract use room furniture. The lines are crisp and the finish is clean. Solid red oak elements help to create a warm and inviting atmosphere so that wherever the products are used, it will always feel like home.

  • Features

    Standard finish is natural oak.
    Cabinet: Solid planked red oak side rails, headboard and footboard.
    Deck: High-impact particle board with stiffeners and finished with UV cured resin for easy cleaning.
    All wood components finished with UV cured resin inside and out.
    UV resin is most durable and environmentally friendly finish available with its 100% pressure applied transfer rate.
    UV resin is impervious to discoloration, most food and beverage stains, abrasions from paper, books and writing instruments.
    UV resin will stand tough against harsh cleaning solvents and even nail polish remover.
    Available in standard Moduform finishes.



    Platform Bed | Full Length Sides
    37.5"d / 82"w / 17"h
    Weight: 140lbs
  • Headboard extension to 29” high
    Plywood deck with added stiffeners | UV resin finished
    Perimeter sealant

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